Meet The Team

Liz Lavin


“Honesty & Integrity are best in business, not always welcomed in the moment but appreciated in the end”


Liz started her career in a family tiling business over 30 years ago. Eventually going on to study business and working with large blue-chip companies before moving into the tech world which led to owning her owning her own design consultancy agency.

Advisory Positions

Liz thrives when helping the SME business market. She considers them to be the backbone of the Irish economy. Coming from a family business she learned the hard way and completely understands the challenges that face SME owners on a daily basis. Her aim is to ensure that the SME owner has somewhere to turn when they need help, advice, support and growth. Giving the SME and their business the oxygen it needs to Save, Invest and Share in their business.

Nick Linnane

Financial Consultant

“Find great mentors, those who already faced the challenges. Don’t be alone reinventing the wheel”

Nick Linnane is an experienced Chartered Accountant whom has worked for the last 30 years advising small and medium sized business, through his practice Nick Linnane & Co. 

Advisory Positions

Nick operates a very much hands on approach, not only providing clients with the essential services to ensure compliance with legislation and also timely filing of returns, but in addition providing hands on advice and guidance on business operation, margin analysis, financing and ultimately assisting business operators in the key decisions effecting their business. In effect, Nick enjoys a ‘unique business partnership’ with his clients and adds invaluable advice and guidance to SISgate members.

Karl Hutchinson

Co-Founder, PLUGGED

“Mastery is forged in the depths of obsession”

Karl is the Legal Guy for Small Business. He has been helping small business owners, start-ups and employers manage all their legal stuff for 15 + years through his practice LawPlus Solicitors.

Advisory Positions

Karl understands business. He has an MBA from the University of Chicago and established two successful businesses in Finance and IT before qualifying as a Solicitor in 2006. He is ALL ABOUT demystifying the legal process and empowering small business owners and employers to deal with their day to day legal and HR issues. And that’s why he developed PLUGGED, Ireland’s leading online legal platform. PLUGGED makes access to all your legal and HR stuff easy and affordable to help you deal with any legal or HR issue your small business may have. It gives you access to legal guidance and support 24/7 from any device…helping you plug the legal holes in your business.

He currently sits on the National Council of ISME and travels the country giving seminars and presentations to small business owners, local LEOs and industry groups.

Dan Mckeown

Head Of HR Services, Recruitment & Payroll

"Invest in in finding, supporting and training the best people and the business will get it back tenfold ."

Dan has a lot of experience with recruitment and HR. He's been helping SME'S for over 18 years!

Advisory Positions

Dan has 18 years of recruitment and HR services experience in Ireland, working closely with SMEs and Multinationals alike. He has worked with leading tools like CRM platforms, ATS softwares and Psychometric Testing systems. Dan provides an independent and accomplished sounding board for our clients in SISgate Pro to leverage and has a keen focus on finding the solution to the business needs, from hiring through career planning to outplacement. He has a keen interest in succession planning within companies.